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This young starlet has been busy behind the scenes for about 18 months now, posting and marketing for Handes of a Woman. She is all about doing for others, always behind the camera and making everything come together for everyone else.  Taking care of her family, helping friends, managing a busy career AND helping me; she is quite a busy and talented woman.

Yesterday, this old dishtowel maker accidentally found our Instagram page and it is WONDERFUL! So much to see. Totally due to the efforts of this young entrepreneur. Thank you, Haley Mitchell- Godwin, for all you do! You are very much appreciated.


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 We made it to today, thanks to God's mercy, goodness and grace. While deadlines abound, I default to gratitude.  2018 was a loaves and fishes year. Every time it looked like the basket was about to be empty, there was enough for the next day. And now there is a bounty of baskets, filled. Most importantly the strength and vigor of my husband Neil, now recovered.

  Artists are beginning to come to us for the first time since we began in 2013. We have a new embroiderer, Vicki McGaha.  And 3 days ago, on 4-2-2018, for the first time ever, there was a helper in the studio; Haley Mitchell-Godwin is helping to make aprons. It is an overwhelming moment; savored til now.

 I am stressing this morning because of the BOUNTY of the menu before me, what to send to the fabric printer for the May show, so much talent on the table, limited budget, time pressing..... editor, go-for, staff, production, advertising, maintenance, accounting.....hence the gratitude; it quiets, relieves and refreshes.

  Feature art here is by Shane Beck, son-in-law. Awesome, man and artist. Each artist and event is a headliner unto itself. Gratitude.

Taxes are behind. To make or blog. Hmmm.  We still make things back to the studio for me.  I need a staff.

Work is slow, but the bills are not.

Work is slow, but the bills are not. 0

 by Haley Mitchell Godwin

 Work is slow, but the bills are not. Prior to this week, I was up to my ears with work. Thankfully my eyes are an abnormal distance above my ears and I could still see a bit ahead. I knew some downtime was coming and  this blog deal has been in the back of my mind jumping up and down screaming “take time to work on me, please!!” for quite awhile now. 

Today was my first “slow” day and the first thing I thought of this morning was writing a blog entry. Nothing really came to me so I decided to put a few items up for auction on Ebay to help take up the financial slack. Kamryn has outgrown her favorite pair of boots and they are now up for bids. I took the first snapshot for the auction, previewed it in the viewfinder and boom……first blog entry catalyzed! Taking a trip into town to pick up some farm supplies and then…..blogging about boots!!!

Here is the link to Haley's blog, Southern Tales and Treasures:

This piece was first published there 8-3-2011



Pretty fabric all our own!  And YES you CAN do this yourself!

Pretty fabric all our own! And YES you CAN do this yourself! 0

Trying to get a nice image onto a towel is a wild roller coaster ride......wanna go again?  Printing a painting as a mirrored repeat on fabric produces a continuous design that works for use on apparel, larger household items like drapes, curtains, duvets, shower curtains, summer weight blankets and still includes panels of the original painting itself for use as smaller items.

We will be proofing this concept, using one of our designs, early next year as we prepare for our Spring offerings for Mother's Day!  If you have requests for what we make as part of that,  NOW is the time to let us know. Maybe Haley will make a contest to help us choose the pilot design.....hmmm, what WILL the prize be this time?

Below is the image of the original painting (pour 234) which is the panel used to produce the larger design; the panel itself is sized to be used as a towel, napkin, tote, pillow or place mat. You can do this yourself, with your own art and designs,at a print-on-demand company that prints on fabric; we just happen to use

Can you find the panel here in the larger design below?

Now we need a stripe, a floral and a plaid.......back to work!

Note: when uploading your designs,  AVOID stretching will produce a blurry image like you see in the screen shot of the posted large design.

Facebook contest

Facebook contest 0

A special thank you to Haley Mitchell-Godwin for running our recent Facebook give away! And congratulations to Alisha C. our winner! Prize is a set of dachshund towels and a special surprise towel. Please use these up with much joy!  Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest. It was a bit of fun.  Let us know what prize might be of interest to you in our next Facebook Give Away! Just message us on our contact page.
Welcome, Haley Mitchell-Godwin!

Welcome, Haley Mitchell-Godwin! 0

Haley is a friend who is going to help us with some on-line marketing. She has some mad marketing and managerial skills and has already started with some ideas. Hope you all enjoy working with her in the days ahead.  Thanks, Haley. Let's see what we can build, girl!