About our fabrics

Handes of a Woman uses new, used and repurposed materials to make our textiles;  our mothers and grandmothers taught us that!  Bulk fabrics are sourced from mills in Greenville, South Carolina, Trion, Georgia and the now closed mills in Opp, Alabama.  Smaller lots are from local flea markets, junk shops, thrift stores, discount outlets, retail fabric stores. And now and then someone calls and says, "Come get my scraps!"

All second hand fabrics and most new fabrics are washed in hot soapy water and dried in a hot dryer to sanitize them, remove sizing and to preshrink. Large pieces are divided into cutters for runners, or towels; left overs become bar mops or bands for coordinates. Fabrics are divided to make use of the whole piece, so item size may vary slightly within a run. This reduces waste and gives you more to use later for something else.

Use our items until they are gone. A curtain becomes a runner, then a towel, quilt piece, rag and swipe. Or donate  to your local thrift store!

  • Organics and More, Greenville, SC is the supplier of our stock white 5.5 oz cotton canvas, responsibly grow, spun, milled and finished in the USA. This is used for embroideries, embroidery blanks, ruffled towels, special orders  and is available from us, by the yard, on request. It is about 93" wide on the bolt. https://www.handesofawoman.com/products/5-5-oz-white-cotton-canvas
  •  Mount Vernon Mills, Trion, Georgia supplies 14.75 oz denim used for our denim aprons.
  • The Fabric and Outlet Store in Opp, Alabama is a repository of a wealth of fabric saved when the mills in Opp closed. We source more denim, our bulk woven polyester, woven cotton polyester, and some heavy cotton canvas from here.
  • Hubco, Inc is our source for Tea Towel Fabric which is imported and as close as I have found to the old original flour sack fabric. It is a light weight, fast drying, woven 100% cotton suitable for making a blouse. The hand is more crisp and less slubby than what is generally sold in bulk at discount outlets today. Hubco is a bag making company here in the USA; just sayin'.
  • Glenn's Discount, Opp, Alabama (now closed) is the source for many of my band and ruffle trim fabrics.
  • Andalusia Sewing Center provides machine service and embroidery supplies.

Catherine Schmid Murphy