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It's here!

It's here! 0

May fabric has arrived from the printer!

Fabric is here from the printers so now we can get to finding coordinated fabrics on hand. Artists represented here are Artist Kelly J, Ethan Coker, Shane Beck; fabric is printed as panels ready to hem.  The printer recommends washing before use, so the washer is already running. We use spoonflower.com; shown are their linen cotton canvas and their cotton twill. This will be our first test on their twill; the linen cotton canvas has already been tried and washed and dried beautifully.

There is a list to be sewn up; my run of aprons is finished so it is full steam ahead to the May sale at Jean's Garden! Artists, contact us about getting YOUR art onto one of our towels!






Gratitude 0

 We made it to today, thanks to God's mercy, goodness and grace. While deadlines abound, I default to gratitude.  2018 was a loaves and fishes year. Every time it looked like the basket was about to be empty, there was enough for the next day. And now there is a bounty of baskets, filled. Most importantly the strength and vigor of my husband Neil, now recovered.

  Artists are beginning to come to us for the first time since we began in 2013. We have a new embroiderer, Vicki McGaha.  And 3 days ago, on 4-2-2018, for the first time ever, there was a helper in the studio; Haley Mitchell-Godwin is helping to make aprons. It is an overwhelming moment; savored til now.

 I am stressing this morning because of the BOUNTY of the menu before me, what to send to the fabric printer for the May show, so much talent on the table, limited budget, time pressing..... editor, go-for, staff, production, advertising, maintenance, accounting.....hence the gratitude; it quiets, relieves and refreshes.

  Feature art here is by Shane Beck, son-in-law. Awesome, man and artist. Each artist and event is a headliner unto itself. Gratitude.

Taxes are behind. To make or blog. Hmmm.  We still make things here....so back to the studio for me.  I need a staff.