About Us

 We make cloths, art, aprons, have opinions and share Jesus. The term cloths was coined for us by my sister-in-law Cathy Leslie Murphy. She inspired a lot of things here on Handesofawoman. Have you heard of Lydia? Anyway, read on!

When is the last time you bought something for yourself or for a gift, made from start to finish by one pair of hands?  Well, we still make things here, artisan crafted textiles, from new and used fabric, in the USA, using solar energy.  We make towels, aprons, napkins, place mats, runners, tablecloths, curtain panels, summer weight bed covers.....pretty much any woven household textile with corners! We also make art, tunic tops, handbags and hats!  We have some items ready to ship and many more waiting to be made.

 Stewardship is high on our list! Using solar energy makes good use of our sunlight and taking orders keeps our cache of fabric available for use. We keep many items in stock and custom textile orders are encouraged! If you see one, but want 2 dozen, just send us an email and we'll see if we have more fabric in stock!

We use new and used materials and we love re-purposing. If you have a favorite  worn out curtain, sheet, tablecloth or runner try turning it into a smaller item.  Want us to do it? Give us a shout!  Want to do it yourself?  We'll show you how!

Just remember that not all fabrics are suitable for making dish towels. Many fabrics these days are treated to repel dirt;  great for general household use; not so great for drying dishes! So if your fabric is treated, try using it for hand towels, napkins, place mats, a runner or tablecloth. And almost any fabric an be used for trim!

We have dreams here, at Handes of a Woman. In years past, the sewing industry provided a living, and  kept food on the table for many families here in the deep south.  Please keep us in your prayers as we work our plan to bring just a little piece of that back!

Catherine Schmid Murphy