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What Evidence Can You Offer?  A Serious Survey by Catherine Schmid Murphy  MD

What Evidence Can You Offer? A Serious Survey by Catherine Schmid Murphy MD 2

What evidence can you offer, of a pandemic, were there no media and no test?

What are you, as an individual, seeing with your own eyes, in the real world?


  • more friends dying of pneumonia
  • my ICU has more pneumonia cases than usual
  • my hospital is over-run with respiratory cases
  • more funerals in town
  • our morgue is full
  • more obituaries
  • people are out sick
  • more friends, relatives and co-workers have had the flu
  • more friends, relatives and co-workers died than expected
  • more respiratory illness in the office
  • more deaths at our nursing home
  • etc

Anyway, you get the picture. I have many friends in the healthcare field and I want to hear from you, too, as there is precious little local reporting. In the old days, when there was some sort of disaster, there would be regular pressers by local hospitals; today: crickets from local hospitals.

Please leave your replies in the comments below. Results are also being collected on my personal facebook page and will be reported September 1, 2020 on this blog as an update.


I will start. What evidence can I offer? None.

We are rural and I am retired; this likely skews things in comparison to the cities and those still in practice. We have 3 elderly friends who had a febrile illness this year and recovered at home uneventfully;  they tested negative for flu and covid. As of this writing, Neil and I know 6 people who tested covid positive:

  •  3 were sick and recovered at home;  one was in her 60s and took a hydroxychloroquine regimen and returned to work in the field with Samaritan's Purse; one works for the CDC. These events would have been within parameters of a same-as-usual flu season.
  • 3 were not sick and tested negative just days after testing positive
  • Catherine Schmid Murphy
Ballast, Balance and Bottom-Up Governance

Ballast, Balance and Bottom-Up Governance 0

Sometimes our darker side helps keep us on track. Remember the Star Trek episode that split the captain into good and bad sides? Both sides were needed to make him a good captain. Anyway, in the book called The Lucifer Principle, the author explores the dark side of humanity. It is an uncomfortable read. And informative.

As the world seems to be spinning out of control in an ever more insane way, it is easy to see how our darker nature has produced the result: our corruption, our embrace of vice and willingness to sacrifice the most helpless of individuals. At the same time, parts of this darker side can act as ballast to right the ship: fierceness, fearlessness, powerful leadership.

  • Catherine Schmid Murphy

Towels of Re-Purposed Drapery Fabric 0

See towels here.

  • Catherine Schmid Murphy
Pour Paintings and Traditional Hymns

Pour Paintings and Traditional Hymns 0

Please do sing or hum along as you watch a few trinkets from my gallery and listen to some simple traditional hymns on piano. Or just sing along while you work. God is real and He loves you; Jesus is our light and salvation, our shelter in the storm.




  • Catherine Schmid Murphy
Meet Colene Beck

Meet Colene Beck 0

Colene Beck

One of our earliest artists, introduced to you by a design based on the portrait below, is Colene Beck. Based in Arkansas, Colene is a writer, artist, fitness competitor, Spero Clinic manager, Handes of a Woman model  and does private art commissions for family and friends. She has helped us here, in so many ways!  Proud of you, doll!

See the Colene Beck Collection here:

Colene is my step-daughter and she is married to fellow artist Shane Beck who's work  is here:

  • Catherine Schmid Murphy

Fireworks over LA 0

(Update 7-18-2020: this sharable youtube video, that showed fireworks over LA on 7-4-2020 in celebration and defiance, has been taken down off my website with the reason: private.)


Now that's what I'm talkin' about! Way to go LA!

  • Catherine Schmid Murphy