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Say hello to the goats

Say hello to the goats 0

  • Catherine Schmid Murphy
He IS!

He IS! 0 of good cheer; I have overcome the world....

John 16:33



  • Catherine Schmid Murphy
Wilma Ingalls Show and Reception March 10, 2020

Wilma Ingalls Show and Reception March 10, 2020 0

  Handes of a Woman is proud to announce that one of our regions most outstanding fine artists is being recognized and honored by the Lower Alabama Arts Coalition with a show and reception at The Gallery in Andalusia, Alabama on March 10, 2020;  Wilma called us this week to pass on the exciting news!

   Wilma has been at gallery for several months and has been very well received here, as she has been at every showing for her entire career. She has murals in Brantley, Alabama and has sold works which reside in private collections broadly across the United States. She works in several genres including, but not limited to, still life, western, landscapes, seascapes, flora and fauna; she is a master of accuracy and detail. She sometimes spends hours on research to ensure that her paintings' details are literally correct and then executes them flawlessly. The featured image above is not a work in and of itself; it is a tiny detail of a larger western genre piece called 'Last Stage to Carson City.' The grid visible under the paint are the THREADS of her canvas! So do hang these works  where you and your family and friends can get a good close look. 

  Visit The Gallery now for a preview and add March 10, 2020 to your calendar  to meet and greet this amazing woman and see her newest offerings. Stay tuned after the holidays for updates on details over the intervening months.

Last Stage to Carson City by Wlima Ingalls; oil on 20" x 24" canvas; $1050


"The Still Man" by kckerrie 0

  • Catherine Schmid Murphy

Paul, Silas and Scary Bylines 1

You know, that teaser line under the headline an article, the one that grabs your attention in case the title missed. Yeah, I know, just call it poetic license; I like the way it rolls off the tongue.

How breaking is a story if it has not changed for 3 days running? If a headline or byline brings fear, anger, worry, horror or a thought like WTF, try this: 1. Don't click it. 2. Turn your eyes back to Jesus. 3. Carry on.

Fear of anything in this world has no place in our lives; it turns our eyes away from Jesus. Neil just conveyed a story about Paul and Silas, beaten and jailed after casting a demon out of a woman. Surely they knew what that might mean for them. The demon itself was revealing the 2 men to be "servants of the Most High God, who proclaim to us the way to salvation." If we do not speak and share God's word, not only the rocks and hills shout it out; even demons, even paint poured on a canvas, even music, even every gift from God to us WILL shout it out. Just sayin'. There is just no gettin' around it. God IS.

Anyway, I digress. During this event of adversity for Paul and Silas, which was BAD for them in this world, they prayed and sang hymns to God and they were freed from their earthly shackles. Yet they stayed inside the prison. And the Keeper of the prison heard about JESUS; and he and all of his were saved. Like Neil says all the time, "I don't know who needs to hear this, but somebody does."

Sometimes our chains are not literal, they are figurative. Sometimes they exist only in our minds. When you choose to turn to Jesus you choose to cast-off chains of all kinds. Keep your eyes on Jesus and all events in this world will be used for your good, and God willing, someone else's.

  • Catherine Schmid Murphy

Finding Love 0

There is a box called Feeling Love.
I resist going into this box since I was a very small child.
It is a dangerous place, yet one I crave to be in.

There is a place just outside this box
where I can go whenever I choose.
A box called Gratitude.

Gratitude is very close to Love.
And if I sit in the Gratitude box long enough
I open my eyes to find myself Feeling Love.
handesofawoman big shirt with big pockets feeling love and me



  • Catherine Schmid Murphy