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Stewardship is about making good use of what you have. We have sun and a cache of new, used and repurposed fabric. So we make artisan crafted towels and linens, for your home or shop, using solar electricity, in the USA! We keep several items in stock and we encourage special orders; it lets us use our fabric for something someone actually wants. Sure it takes a bit longer, but not much, and it is always fun when the package arrives! Let us make something for your home or shop today....

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From the Blog

I Write

I Write

by kckerrie August 27, 2020


Some people shop, snack,

drink or complain.

I write.


Lamp Post Poetry by kckerrie

kckerrie on handesofawoman

submitted by cs murphy 9-27-2020

  • Catherine Schmid Murphy
The Boyce Rd Gang

The Boyce Rd Gang

by Cindy Bentley September 27, 2020
The Boyce Rd Gang:
When my family moved to Ohio, we eventually moved to Boyce Rd in Centerville.
I hated leaving LaFollette with all my friends and family. My precious Papaw had died and my parents had given away my dog. I didn’t expect to be happy ever again.
As soon as we moved into our new home we met our next door neighbors, the Walkers, who had 3 us. The oldest was the age of my sister Evie and their youngest was the age of my baby sister Jenny. Then they had 1 in the middle.
Not long after we met our neighbors across the street which were girls too. Elisa was close to Evie’s age and Tina was the same age as Jen.
Obviously I was the oldest, but not too old to be included to all the fun and mischief. Our favorite thing to do was sit under a tree in our front yard and play Barbies. Everyone brought their collection and we had quite a spread.
Sometimes we played tag, roller-skated and other games. Or just talked. Gosh we had fun.
We stayed intact until we started leaving our homes.
All these years later we still consider ourselves the Boyce Rd Gang. But to me those girls were sisters that just didn’t go into my house when the porch light flashed.
submitted by cs murphy 9-27-2020
  • Catherine Schmid Murphy
Accepting Change

Accepting Change

Accepting Change

by Neil Murphy September 26, 2020

You know the events of 2017 created a LOT of physical and emotional change and some of it was NOT easy to accept. I spent my life, 42 years of it hiding in my work. It was the only place I could go where the self condemnation and the voices got quieter. The only place where I felt I had value in this life, or so I thought. Self condemnation is a powerful thing, it makes you think you have no value, you cannot come back from your failures. It destroys a Christian’s testimony and make you what I’ve called ‘a useless Christian’, that is what I was. My behavior, my poor choices  destroyed a life, destroyed my family and left me alone, starting over in my 40s, all I knew to do was work. Then 2017 happened and what a wonderful blessing it was but along with the good there were and are physical changes which were part of it that will never change.

All of this came to a head recently, I suppose I was avoiding accepting these changes totally but I had to. I have always been in demand in my work. I get on average an offer a week from all over the world. Want to work in Thailand? want to work in Africa? want to work in China? want to work in Panama? etc….etc…etc..and I had been saying and responding all along, not yet maybe later. Recently I got an offer to return to Alaska, a place I loved to work and an offer almost too hard to believe, and my first impulse was to take it. But then reality kicked in. The conclusion was I am not able to stand the brutal travel and huge distances, the severe weather not to mention the 18hr days anymore.

What brought it all to a head was a book, one of many left behind by my mother called We Would See Jesus, a book about having a deeper relationship with God. One paragraph burned into my heart. It says, ” we must be able to be honest about ourselves with ourselves to move into a deeper understanding of Jesus ” Somehow I needed that and for the first time I spoke words I never thought I would to others but much more importantly to myself. ” I cannot do this anymore, I am not physically able to do it, I am done with that part of my life ” It sounds sad or something but it was really like removing a weight id carried for over three years. Damn I’m stupid sometimes. God will always make a way, he already has, we have our farm, we have cattle and food to eat every day, all we need happens and always will.


submitted by cs murphy

  • Catherine Schmid Murphy
New products in development

New products in development

New products currently in development. And yes, there will be a pocket option on that fabulous Bistro Apron! 

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  • Catherine Schmid Murphy

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