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The Ancient War Cry - by Eric Ludy

The Ancient War Cry - by Eric Ludy

The other side of fear. To encourage and uplift you. He IS.

  • Catherine Schmid Murphy
Just Bees
  • Catherine Schmid Murphy
He IS. Another version.

He IS. Another version.

Turn your eyes to God. Turn away from the world. The names of God from the Bible. Try relaxing while you listen. Let the emotions fill you. Feel it. All of it. KNOW IT. Own it. Share it. He IS.

  • Catherine Schmid Murphy
Aqua Crinkle Towels and Painting Tips

Aqua Crinkle Towels and Painting Tips

  • we love re-purposing
  • hand-dyed a pale aqua, these salvaged crinkle cotton curtain panels made up nicely into very soft, absorbent  towels
  • sizes and hem widths vary a bit as the entire piece was used with no waste
  • perfect for a single use stack in the guest bath during cold and flu season; just use once then toss in the hamper
  • plain set is suitable for use as light embroidery blanks
  • painted option, priced separately, has a remaining tab for hanging; heat set acrylic paint
  • 100% cotton, gauze crinkle fabric
  • machine wash and dry with like colors; no bleach
  • about 19" x 21"


Painting Tips

  • paint dry cotton or linen towel with thin acrylic paint
  • saturate enough to go through to the back for best durability
  • let air dry really well; 2-3-days
  • heat set with hot dry iron (ie no steam)
  • put to use
  • launder as usual for fabric type


Towels here:

Painting Tutorial here:

  • Catherine Schmid Murphy

Let's talk about stewardship!

Stewardship is about making good use of what you have. We have sun and a cache of new, used and repurposed fabric. So we make artisan crafted towels and linens, for your home or shop, using solar electricity, in the USA! We keep several items in stock and we encourage special orders; it lets us use our fabric for something someone actually wants. Sure it takes a bit longer, but not much, and it is always fun when the package arrives! Let us make something for your home or shop today....

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