Work is slow, but the bills are not.

Work is slow, but the bills are not.

 by Haley Mitchell Godwin

 Work is slow, but the bills are not. Prior to this week, I was up to my ears with work. Thankfully my eyes are an abnormal distance above my ears and I could still see a bit ahead. I knew some downtime was coming and  this blog deal has been in the back of my mind jumping up and down screaming “take time to work on me, please!!” for quite awhile now. 

Today was my first “slow” day and the first thing I thought of this morning was writing a blog entry. Nothing really came to me so I decided to put a few items up for auction on Ebay to help take up the financial slack. Kamryn has outgrown her favorite pair of boots and they are now up for bids. I took the first snapshot for the auction, previewed it in the viewfinder and boom……first blog entry catalyzed! Taking a trip into town to pick up some farm supplies and then…..blogging about boots!!!

Here is the link to Haley's blog, Southern Tales and Treasures:

This piece was first published there 8-3-2011



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