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A group effort apron!

A group effort apron! 0

We are lucky here at Handes of a Woman to have so much in-house talent! Out for delivery today, is this custom/special order based on designer Erin Murphy's apron pocket placement with artist Ethan Coker's chickadees on the bib and pockets.  The neck strap is new for us, adjustable with no hardware or velcro. There is a casing on each side of the bib that provides enough drag to keep the strap where you want it. And the black contrast here provides interest.

Custom orders are some of our favorites!

'Jean Sport Living'

'Jean Sport Living' 0

You just never know what is going to happen every day when you get up.  Jean Sport, friend, neighbor, artist and handesofawoman.com contributor put up the sweetest post, sharing her beautiful home!   

Jean's home is elegant, whimsical and welcoming. She has a chicken collection on her mantle and a Santa montage on the dining sideboard. Everywhere is a story. And there is no more welcoming place to BE.

Chickadees on the stove handle.

Art on a side table.

Shown here:   Art leans, towels hang, runners dress.   This is what Handes of a Woman is all about. Thanks, Jean!

See some of Jean's work here:  https://www.handesofawoman.com/collections/hand-painted-by-jean

special mention: 'chickadees' design by Alabama artist Ethan Coker.



pillow covers

pillow covers 0

Thank you for stoppin' by. We received the nicest inquiry yesterday for audio on these blog posts. So there will be a short video attached with the same general information. Hopefully this will work for those who prefer to listen.

We have finished 1 prototype and and 1 order item on our small pillow covers. They finish out at about 10" x 13" or so and will need a small pillow form that you can make at home. They are constructed like an envelope with a button closure on the back.

The prototype has a chickadee applique on a navy background and red band on the back. The order has the applique on a black and white gingham background, again with the red band on the back. Interior seams are fully finished. Artist is Ethan Coker.

These things are cute, cute, cute!



Chickadees 0

Using artwork (with permission) from Alabama artist Ethan Coker, we ordered 1 yard of custom printed fabric  and formatted an embroidery pattern. Shown here is the chickadee collection which will be available locally May 10-12 at Jean's Garden sale.  There will be 4 towels in the all over print, 4 banded on navy and at least one small pillow with the pictured embroidered panel. Ethan, you did a great job on this drawing and hope to see more from you! Everyone come see us this weekend!

custom tagging includes the artist's name: watch for more on our web site.

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It's here!

It's here! 0

May fabric has arrived from the printer!

Fabric is here from the printers so now we can get to finding coordinated fabrics on hand. Artists represented here are Artist Kelly J, Ethan Coker, Shane Beck; fabric is printed as panels ready to hem.  The printer recommends washing before use, so the washer is already running. We use spoonflower.com; shown are their linen cotton canvas and their cotton twill. This will be our first test on their twill; the linen cotton canvas has already been tried and washed and dried beautifully.

There is a list to be sewn up; my run of aprons is finished so it is full steam ahead to the May sale at Jean's Garden! Artists, contact us about getting YOUR art onto one of our towels!