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Wilma Ingalls Show and Reception March 10, 2020

Wilma Ingalls Show and Reception March 10, 2020 0

  Handes of a Woman is proud to announce that one of our regions most outstanding fine artists is being recognized and honored by the Lower Alabama Arts Coalition with a show and reception at The Gallery in Andalusia, Alabama on March 10, 2020;  Wilma called us this week to pass on the exciting news!

   Wilma has been at gallery for several months and has been very well received here, as she has been at every showing for her entire career. She has murals in Brantley, Alabama and has sold works which reside in private collections broadly across the United States. She works in several genres including, but not limited to, still life, western, landscapes, seascapes, flora and fauna; she is a master of accuracy and detail. She sometimes spends hours on research to ensure that her paintings' details are literally correct and then executes them flawlessly. The featured image above is not a work in and of itself; it is a tiny detail of a larger western genre piece called 'Last Stage to Carson City.' The grid visible under the paint are the THREADS of her canvas! So do hang these works  where you and your family and friends can get a good close look. 

  Visit The Gallery now for a preview and add March 10, 2020 to your calendar  to meet and greet this amazing woman and see her newest offerings. Stay tuned after the holidays for updates on details over the intervening months.

Last Stage to Carson City by Wlima Ingalls; oil on 20" x 24" canvas; $1050


Wilma Ingalls featured below!

Wilma Ingalls featured below! 0

Be sure to also visit Wilma's page under fine art in the catalog.
Wilma Ingalls is in the house!

Wilma Ingalls is in the house! 0

Wilma Ingalls' page is up and live! There are some bits left to do, but come on in and look around. Contact us with any questions. Wilma called tonight with news of another artist interested in coming on board. Busy time. We would love to hear from you.
Bringing Wilma Ingalls on board!

Bringing Wilma Ingalls on board! 0

Hello everyone! Big day here at Handes of a Woman! Heading over to the studio of my artist friend Wilma Ingalls for a photo shoot. Her page will be populated soon with her paintings! Our first Fine Art vendor.