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Paw Prints On My Heart Towel

Paw Prints On My Heart Towel 0

Out-for-delivery to an undisclosed location!
Let's paint a towel!

Let's paint a towel! 0


In this video a cotton twill towel cutter (towel in the making) has already been free-motion embroidered with a line drawing of Artist Kelly J's Fancy Dancer. She has a free Coloringbook page on facebook.  Using thin acrylic house paint,  the dry towel is painted. Let it dry, really well, at least a whole 24 hrs. I sometimes wait 2-3 days. Heat set with your iron on the back; no steam. Careful; don't scorch it!  Machine wash and dry with like colors.

Enjoy your towel!

Artist Kelly J, you're up!

Artist Kelly J, you're up! 0

 Our featured artist for May is Artist Kelly J and here are just a few items from her extensive collection of art. She came to our attention in recent months through her ColoringBook page on facebook. She has many charming line drawings there for you to print and color. We were able to find her and get permission to bring you some of her work as part of our art-on-the-counter project.

Artist Kelly J is an artist, philanthropist, story teller and has a testimony:

  "My passion in life is anything that is on the good road. My theme for my art is Gentle Kindness wrapped in Love. I sketch what captures my heart and then tell it's story. My Artist Kelly J Blog is where I share all of my work and links. I have been creating since 2005 and have done many works, and am slowly adding them to my blog and pages." 

Please visit Artist Kelly J here: