Paw Prints On My Heart Towel

Paw Prints On My Heart Towel

Among my favorite towels to make are those hand painted with thin acrylic and embellished with free motion embroidery. Here is another that never made to the website. Many are one-of-a-kind and any remakes will be similar only and require a 30 day cure. Water thinned acrylic paint colors but does not mar the hand of the fabric. And unlike many dyes, the paint and embroidery will tolerated an occasional bleaching.

Painting your own towels is easy.

  • make or buy some blank towels
  • cotton and linen are my go-to picks
  • start with a practice towel to get the hang of how the paint acts
  • paint with thin acrylic; you want it to wick into and through the fabric
  • let dry 30 days
  • you can heat set (get all the moisture out) with an iron (set for the fabric type; NO STEAM) instead for faster results, but our kitchen testing says the 30 day cure gives the best color durability
  • add hand or free motion embroidery
  • wash and dry on hot with like colors before use; expect some color softening (lightening)
  • put to use in your kitchen and make some memories with family and friends


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  • Catherine Schmid Murphy
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