Fitted Sheet Corner with No Elastic

Fitted Sheet Corner with No Elastic

We all know the saga of the fitted sheet and how to fold them for a neat appearance;  I just don't want to.  So years ago I quite using them entirely. There is something satisfying about tucking and folding the corners as I make the bed with a flat sheets only.  But they do slip off.

Back in the 1950's or there-abouts, fitted sheets were still made like this drawing, with no elastic, and they stayed in place. Try finding these now, or even a primer on how to make them. So I drew out the basic design and may try it myself. These must be made to specs for your mattress so it fits well.

Corners can be french seamed for durability and if you need extra fabric for the edges it can be pieced. And my guess is, without all the elastic, they will be easier to fold for a neat appearance in the linen cabinet.

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  • Catherine Schmid Murphy
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