Epoxy test is a hit!

Epoxy test is a hit!


   WOW! Yes, I know there is some dust and bugs and places where I missed getting the silicone off. But, COME ON, its my first try and this stuff is a hit! Epoxy is clear, shiny, sturdy and a lamination marvel. It perks up a painting and adds a good bit of structure to my cardboard trinkets.

  •   if you are going to try this, plan ahead
  •  READ and follow the instructions
  •  watch some videos on youtube
  •  try to read the primer in my last blog post on the chemistry of epoxy
  •  principles will help you forever
  •  it is a mess, and try it first on something you do not care about
  •  wear gloves
  •  think painting-with-super-glue
  •  have fun
  • product is Pro Marine and I am not getting paid, it just  had good reviews and price

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  • Catherine Schmid Murphy
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