Repairing mistakes, testimony, and a link to an epoxy primer.

Repairing mistakes, testimony, and a link to an epoxy primer.

 Sometimes, I ruin things with mistakes, bad judgement or ignorance. This was one of my first successful pours done with floetrol.  I had waited months to be able to buy the pouring medium and I liked everything about it.

   So I let it cure for a month.  It was on heavy paper and  I wanted a sturdy varnish. Polyurethane was on hand. Bad idea. I ruined a whole table of work that day with the yellow material; great for lamination on my cardboard trinkets but ruinous color.   

   It has been about a year since that day and I just purchased my very first epoxy; great for lamination and CLEAR. So I read up, then tried it on some pieces that are from the paint-over-it pile. And just WOW! Even cooler than it looks online. Who knew?

   But, as with much of life, there is a learning curve.  Getting the silicone off these paintings turns out to be the dickens; my biggest problem. Along with dust particles and tiny bugs which were incinerated until the torch failed. Chuckle.

  Anyway, lots of information on getting silicone off, right? And so many ways to do it that I know there is no perfect or best way. Ask me how I know THAT.  So am now studying, on that again,  and how to repair the epoxy coat where it failed to stick.  Turns out that epoxy is a lot like paint, so that helps to de-mystify it just a bit. I get paint. So back to work on a do-over. 

That failed polyurethane piece above (and a second one, equally cherished and ruined by me) are in the hands of my step daughters, Erin and Colene, tucked away somewhere. This is one way that I know that I am loved.  Thanks to poet kckerrie for this eye opener. 

    MOST mistakes in epoxy and life can be done over, repaired or recovered from. God made the world that way. And then He sent us His Son to help us through the mistakes that can't.

I'll post again, when the epoxy do-over  process is learned. And the other, well we can keep learning on that one until our last breath.


Here is that  link to a great article on epoxy chemistry; helpful for anyone using epoxy for projects and art; it will open in a new window:

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