There Will Come a Day

There Will Come a Day

There Will Come a Day

 by Neil Murphy

   One day you will hear I am no longer living in this world. Do not cry, and certainly do not worry about me because at the moment the broken pieces of my used up physical body stop for the last time something wonderful and perfect will have already happened.

I have a unique perspective on time after 2017 and those days of darkness back then. As I have said, to everyone else but me those days were long and miserable days but to me from May 23 to June 26 were only a second in time. That is how I look at eternity and a person’s experience upon death.

Time is a creation of God just like everything else, HE does not exist inside time and has no real need for it. Time came along like everything else during creation because we needed it. At the moment of physical death we, you, me anyone will have no more need for this temporary body or for time for that matter but will have moved into eternity for better or worse.

Think atheist will be protected for God’s reality because of their personal beliefs? That is NOT what scripture says. Just the opposite, it says EVERY knee shall bow, atheist, satanist, everyone who has ever lived but the difference is that moment will be a glorious beginning for God’s children, his sheep but it will be a horrible unrepairable realization for the goats….  

It doesn’t matter if I am dead a week or for a thousand years of human time before awakening in God’s presence. To me or to you it will be like only a second in time.  That is one of the reasons I don’t think or worry much about the so called rapture, or how Gods plan will actually play out in this world. All I am sure of is I am supposed to be going about my father’s business every minute of every day and if I do that one thing it does not  matter how and when it happens I AM ready….are you?

(more by this author here ; submitted by csmurphy 4-10-21)


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  • Neil Murphy