Flawed Vessels

Flawed Vessels

Flawed Vessels

by Neil Murphy

When you think God could not possible use you in any meaningful way, that there is no way you with your flaws limitations and mistakes could do anything for God, remember these people.

  • God chose Joseph to save God’s people from famine, despite the fact that Joseph came from a family so dysfunctional that his brother sold him into slavery.
  • God also chose Gideon, a fear-driven wimp, to lead his army.
  • God chose Ruth to be one of Jesus’ ancestors, even though Ruth was childless, a widow, and a foreigner.
  • God chose Moses to represent him and be his spokesperson. Moses was an unexpected choice, since he had a serious stuttering problem.
  • Did I mention that Moses was a murderer?  God even chooses people whose “mutations” are a result of their own sins and bad choices.
  • God chose Abraham to be the father of faith, even though Abraham had a serious problem with lying.
  • God chose to save Noah from the Flood. You might think, “Well, Noah must have been perfect.” Actually, after the Flood, Noah got drunk and passed out completely naked.
  • God chose Rahab for a starring role in the Bible. She was a prostitute.
  • God chose David, an adulterer, to be the leader of his people.

(more by this author here ; submitted by csmurphy 4-1-21)

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  • Neil Murphy