Missouri Star Quilt Company Schools Handes of a Woman on DIY Aprons from Tea Towels

Missouri Star Quilt Company Schools Handes of a Woman on DIY Aprons from Tea Towels

Below you will find 2 videos from Missouri Quilt Company showing you how to make an apron from tea towels. Such a cute and easy idea!

  • These principles will let you make adjustable aprons, easily, to your heart's content. Many thanks to Summer and Jenny at Missouri Star Quilt Company for permission to share this educational primer on my blog! Links provided at the end.
  • Be sure to use a towel, or piece of fabric that you hem first, large enough to provide the coverage you want. Just hold it up to yourself!  And pockets placed at about hip level are easy to get in and out of.
  • Notes on my own apron project are after the videos!  





Notes on my project:



      Remember that oops towel I had a while back? I ran the towel's edge under the embroidery machine and had to cut and repair. Anyway, it left a fuzzy edge that I liked and here I used it on purpose.

  • My project is made for a child's full coverage apron; pocket is set just below waist tie level. For an adult smock apron place the pocket closer to the bottom, near hip level.
  •  I started with  a red linen cutter, 18" x 24", and hemmed it with a narrow double hem. Then I followed the video instruction. For the tie I used some red linen bias tape that was left over from another project.
  • Left over linen cotton canvas from an art towel provides the contrasting fabric for the applique and pocket.
  • The applique edge is raw and fuzzy. The fabric was tacked in place with a double row of tight stitches near the edge, then embroidered with a flower design made from the artwork of Alabama artist, Haley Brianna Atwell. Fabric was trimmed tightly on this one, washed and dried on hot, then trimmed again. Next time I will try leaving the fuzz longer.
  • My pocket is a single layer patch rather than double. Pocket was double hemmed at the top and turned in a scant 1/4" on the other edges. Top stitching was done at the edge and then a generous 1/4" in, finishing the inside of the pocket.
  • Stitching up the pocket center divides the pocket into 2 and provides support.
  • This cutie is already promised, but there will certainly be more of these!

link to Missouri Star Quilt Company:  http://missouriquiltco.com 

link to part 1: https://youtu.be/Alq0B2KZ-ME

link to part 2: https://youtu.be/r42TD3H7uOo

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