7 Pocket Denim Bingo Apron Made In USA

7 Pocket Denim Bingo Apron Made In USA

Bingo Apron approval has finally come in!

6-18-22 Full review on our final Bingo Apron by EzAz12C:

"By George! I think we've got the perfect Bingo Apron: Prototype B is perfect but not for the reasons I thought. I can fit 2 each of the longer dobbers (daubers) in each of the two large, side top pockets with room left over for my E-Cig and/or pens (works fine with or without the extra stitching) while dollars and debit card/Drivers License holder AND phone fit perfectly in the center top pocket. I can fit one each of the smaller dobbers/glue in the 2 center lower pockets then use the two lower side pockets, one for quarters and one for receipts. We sign our receipts toward the end of a session for a drawing and I'm always looking for where I put the ding dang things. Some Bingo Halls hand out tickets for Half-Time drawings...same problem. Problem solved! The reason I chose the top longer side pockets for longer dobbers is because when you sit the dobbers don't squish upward. I hadn't thought about that until I tried it (some of us have larger laps). It's not a problem with the smaller dobbers and glue in the center, smaller pockets at the bottom. Too much info?"
"And thank you very much. No more rummaging through a bulky bag for pens, receipts, my debit card, lost $20 dollar bills and quarters.....and no more kicking my bag across the floor when I fidget."
"Definitely B makes the perfect Bingo Apron with longer daubers/dobbers in the top right and left pockets (no extra stitching leaves room to add e-cigs and pens), money & debit card holders in the top middle pocket. Smaller dobbers in the two lower center pockets. Right and left lower pockets for change and receipts. WHeeeeeee! I love B"
See our denim Bingo Apron, launching today; we will shortly add optional embroidered  BINGO across the top as well as polyester poplin color options. All Made in USA.

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  • Catherine Schmid Murphy
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