Pass The Salt

Pass The Salt


by Neil Murphy

   My wife and I once watched a History Channel program about The Bible in which they systematically criticized much of what we as Christians believe while ignoring a lot of historical documentation and undisputed archeological facts. I was left with the belief that there was an agenda other than presenting historical facts. To me the program was nothing less than an attack on Christianity and the Jewish faith with no mention or criticism of any other belief system. This treatment of Christianity on television made me question how I have been spending my free time or should I say how I have been wasting it. 

    We were left with renewed purpose and a determination to use our time better. I also came to a realization about just how much of my time I have wasted on this so called entertainment. I have now chosen to read, watch classic movies and listen to music more. Consequently we have cancelled our satellite subscription and I disassembled the satellite equipment and threw it all into the trash pile. I can get the weather and local news free via the antenna I put back up in place of the dish.

    Hollywood once produced great dramas and comedies that anyone could watch and enjoy. Now it seems sex, violence and the glorification of deviance and criminal behavior are all they can come up with. They seem to have a real distain for our way of life and hold us up to ridicule at every opportunity. They seem to want to imply that they are superior and know better than we do about almost every subject. It is rare these days to see something I feel is remarkable or worth watching. The proliferation of “reality” shows which I equate to watching a slow motion train wreck confounds and confuses me. I cannot understand exactly how watching other people’s dysfunction is entertainment. These days I am drawn to old black and white movies and classics produced a long time ago by people who had a story to tell.

    The Holy Bible has a lot to say about how we spend our time and what sort of things we should feed our spirit with. I believe a lot of what is wrong with our country is a result of how we spend our time. What we place value on says a lot about who we are and how far all of us have fallen. I can only speak for myself but am sure I have wasted much of the precious time I have been given on things that don’t matter at all. We are supposed to be “the salt of the earth” and that salt comes from how we feed our spirit. The real significance of that is that if we do not flavor the world with good it will surely be flavored with bad. I believe now more than ever Christian’s need to PASS THE SALT!!


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  • Neil Murphy