Call It What It Is

Call It What It Is

Call It What It Is

by Neil Murphy

   In the past when people have said the government is spying upon American citizens and conspiring to take rights away they were called “kooks”, “black helicopter people” and “conspiracy theorists” and characterized as crazy. In the past this might have passed for acceptable analysis but not anymore.

   The current election disaster is an example of what can happen and is happening. If only a small percent of what is being said about cheating, dishonesty and vote manipulation is true it is still enough for the gallows to be built. My vote, your vote, anyone’s should be counted fairly and count equally. Anything less is and should be unacceptable to any honest American. Abuse of power is not a new thing in government and you can ignore it if you like but that does not make it untrue.    

   Past revelations about the NSAs massive intrusions into our privacy and the personal data of everyday American citizens are beyond argument. The continuing authorization of the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) is another intrusion into our rights which actually allows indefinite detention of American citizens without charges or a trial and is a direct violation of The U S Constitution. This sort of behavior by our government and their willingness to ignore our constitution and bill of rights all in the name of safety is getting more and more common. As one of the founders wisely said “Any people that would give up liberty for a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Benjamin Franklin

   Our government unfortunately has a long history of abusing their power. They have long been guilty of isolating and mistreating groups with whom they had a difference or could not control. Ask numerous Native American tribes including virtually all of the tribes who once called the southeast home. Native Americans were systematically disarmed, isolated and warehoused in “reservations” all in the name of some national greater good. More recently when we entered World War II virtually all Japanese Americans were disarmed, rounded up and held captive in “camps” again for the greater good of the nation. These Japanese Americans were loyal patriotic American citizens who had done nothing wrong and many of whose children were in the US military at the time.

   Our government has become bloated, arrogant, wasteful and controlling. They think they can and should control everything and that they know better than we do. The government wants to dictate what we need, what we should eat and how we should live. This position is being pursued even while they exhibit a continuing record of failure, waste, cronyism and corruption. Any thinking individual should begin to doubt the wisdom and direction of a leadership which has failed repeatedly and as for one I certainly doubt they have my best interest at heart.

   Historically many of our rights are what would be termed God given naturally derived rights and one of these rights is liberty. Liberty is not granted by men or governments, it exist simply because we exist. This does not mean that it comes naturally to the rest of the world to allow us possess it though. On the contrary people in the past have had to defend this liberty and fight to keep it.  We are at a point where tyranny once again creeps in and we must stand up to it and start to call it what it is.

submitted by cs murphy

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  • Neil Murphy