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Easily Offended? Stop Reading This Now

Easily Offended? Stop Reading This Now

Easily Offended? Stop Reading This Now

by Neil Murphy

I do not know where this began but it is way past time to stop. You know what happens when you get offended? NOTHING absolutely nothing so get over yourself and get back to living like an adult. It occurs to me that my parents if still living would be laughing their hearts out at the children in charge now.

Those people, my parents generation was born into a different world, much harder, much more unforgiving and much more real. No lights, no heat and no indoor plumbing. Yet with all that and more they survived, loved and lived quite successfully.

Coming off a major First World War just before their births they knew a lot about it and as small children in the 30s they saw a major financial depression, hunger and poverty on a level most living now have never seen. Shortly after that what happens? A second real World War in which they lived, participated in and somehow survived as best they could if they were lucky.

About the time they got back home, relaxed a little and became civilians again what happens? Korea is what happened which was a three-year brutal bloody war with Communist China they had to go back into and fight to win.

So when I laugh at you when you say your feelings got hurt about someone’s words, faith or their beliefs just understand that it is not because I do not love you or want the best for you. It is because I was blessed to know the people who fought and died to earn this easy life you now have yet they experienced very little of it for themselves.

So get over yourself, pick yourself up and be an adult.  

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