The Most Important Letter I Ever Wrote

The Most Important Letter I Ever Wrote
by kckerrie
_the Most Important Letter I Ever Wrote_ (by kckerrie)

Truthfully, though;
there were two letters. Not one.
Two most Important letters I Ever wrote.
Both Love letters,
written with only two years between them,
written to two different men.
Both of whom have my Heart.

The first most important letter I ever wrote
was written to my loving Father,
a Love letter
written to him a little more than a year before I lost him.
Gifted it to him in Life
and then the letter returned to my possession,after his death.

And the second most important letter I ever wrote,
a Love letter
written to a Man I loved only second to my Father;
the most sturdy and penetrating man I ever came to know.
And once, my lover.
I wrote the second most important letter I ever wrote
less than a year after I had made
that fateful decision.
The decision to leave him;
owing that choice, partly to my own punishing insufficiencies
and derelict judgement.
An avowed and telling letter which has yet to reach him.

Each letter, tailored most delicately.
Each letter written quietly and promisingly
by a somber lite; between the hours of sunset
and sunrise.

In life, I will never see either of these Men again;
one for his death
and the other for
his unforgiveness.

The most important letters I ever wrote
both Love letters
now sitting, each enclosed, back-to-back on a corner table in my home -
next to burnt candle ash, one small flashlight, a memento from my father, one painted rock, a framed picture of Jesus,
a small wooden box of unaccepted apologies
and one silly, flat, plastic toy insect worm.

kckerrie lamp post poetry
submitted by cs murphy

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  • Catherine Schmid Murphy
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