I Went Outside In My Yard Today

I Went Outside In My Yard Today

by kckerrie

I went outside in my yard today.
or so I thought.
And I chose my spot.
I lowered my body onto that spot - and bending my legs, I closed my eyes and lowered my belly toward the ground.
My head to the green grass and my belly,
to the flat earth.

And there I laid.
Where willfully I surrendered for
a time
and with deliberateness,
I listened.

to the birds
Listening to the squirells jumping, swinging and shimmying.
Listening to the beating of my own heart
from just the other side of my pressed ear and just behind my right eye.

And heard the many sounds the traffic makes, from off and away.
I listened to the trains whistle as they’d move by; mightily, rumbing the earth.

I then yielded completely
as I welcomed the uninvited showings from many other sounds that had been tentative of me or unfamiliar;
all while curled up into a soft pulse of moving and shifting air;
of both highs and lows.

The prickling grass tickled my cheek as my belly grew warm and damp and soft.
All while I listened, still and purposeful.

I acquiesced to it all
as if to a test of my Restoration.

And so in its conclusion ,
having named each and all present and observable sounds — as my now reassuring Companions.


submitted by cs murphy 9-21-20

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  • Catherine Schmid Murphy
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