The Store: Where To Find The Good Stuff

   "Most of the good stuff never makes it to the web site. So when the opportunity to do something about it arose (Thanks to Donnie and Wilma Howell) we jumped. Now you can see ALL the good stuff, in person, in real time at our store at the yard sale. All newly made items now go directly there, hot off the presses.
   For that matter I am already sewing and designing on site. We were serious when we took all our marketing local and now we are going primarily local with our sales and merchandise. Come see our towels, dresses and tops in person and let us help you design something special."                CS Murphy

Find us here locally every Fri, Sat 10am-6pm at a yard sale , we're just a short drive off I-65 or Route 331 in south Alabama. (Updated 2-26-23)