The Adventures of Karin Koala and Wilber Wallaby

The Adventures of Karin Koala and Wilber Wallaby

The Adventures of Karin Koala and Wilber Wallaby  

         by Peter Marshall Thompson    


A wee a wah atiddlywah sang  Karin Koala as she sat in the Eucalyptus tree. Her voice bright and cheerful as the sun beamed over head. Then out rolled cheerfully atee atah tally tiddlytah . Karin was having the perfect day. The sun was bright and the breeze was cool which carried the wonderful scent of her favorite food. Karin loved the smell early in the morning of the Eucalyptus tree.
Munching away at her breakfast Karin noticed  a stranger on the forest floor below. He looked mighty strange indeed with a long tail and short little arms and he stood up on two big back legs. He wasn't very  large and looked a bit frightened. Nervously the small animal hopped this way and that way turning and stretching it's head as high as it could to see over the brush along the forest floor. He looked young and scared. Karin reached for some more leaves to chew on and when she did the limb made a little creaking noise. The little animal jumped and started shaking making chirping sounds. Karin had never heard such sounds before and was curious . She decided to ask the little animal why he made such sounds. Karin leaned over where she could see better and said, " Hi, my name is Karin why are you making those sounds?" 
Startled the little animal looked up and saw Karin. He had never seen very many trees let alone a creature such as Karin.  In a soft timid voice he said." I'm lost and scared is why I am making those sounds hoping my mommy and daddy will find me." Oh, said Karin there is no need to be scared I won't hurt you, my name is Karin and I am a Koala. I live in trees mostly and eat these leaves when I'm hungry, they are really yummy. What kind of animal are you and what is your name? I've never seen an animal like you in the forest before. The little animal stopped chirping and said, I'm a Wallaby and my name is Wilber. I live out in the grass lands and I was eating when I saw some tasty grass on the edge by some trees so I went there to eat while my mom and dad were eating with the rest of my mob. Oh my said Karin, mobs scare me with all their yelling . I saw a mob of people come into the forest and I hid high in the tree from them.  Oh no said Wilber, that's what a group of Wallabies are called. Oh, where are they now? I don't know said Wilber, I was eating and following some grass and tasty leave the when I looked up I couldn't see my mob anymore and there are so many trees I'm lost. I'll never find them and the Dingo's will get me.
    Karin knew what Dingo's would do because they almost got her one day when she had climbed down the tree to look at some bugs crawling around. Other creatures always made her curious to see what they were and what they did. Karin said, Wilber I know what I can do, I will climb to the top of the tree so I can see very far and try to find your family for you. So carefully Karin went limb by limb working her way until she was higher than she had ever been. She could feel the top swaying and the breeze blowing on her furry tummy and it tickled. Karin looked and looked as hard as she could. Finally she saw the grasslands a ways off, Wilber had certainly traveled a long ways from his family. I see them Karin shouted down to Wilber , they are way over there. Wilber looked as hard as he could but the forest was so thick he couldn't see them and started to chirp again. Don't worry Wilber I will travel in the tree tops so I can keep them in sight and you follow me. I'll help you get back to your family and so they went. Karin climbing through the tree tops and Wilber looking up trying not to lose sight of her without running into any trees. Wilber felt like they had traveled for ever when he started to see an opening in the trees. Through that opening he could see the grasslands and his mom and dad. Excitedly he hopped faster sometimes tripping over tree roots. Finally they got to the edge where the trees met the grass. Karin waited as Wilber hopped frantically towards his parents and jumped straight into his mom's pouch. Karin smiled as Wilber poked his head out and waved back to Karin.
Wilber and Karin became the best of friends but they always met on the edge of the forest and grasslands because it wasn't safe for Karin to be on the ground out in the open unprotected and Wilber couldn't go back in the forest and leave the protection of his mob. Every morning they would start the day having breakfast together, Karin eating her eucalyptus leaves up in the tree and Wilber eating his grass and leaves on the edge of the grasslands.
Peter Marshall Thompson
copyright Peter Marshall Thompson 2018








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