solar electricity, a dish towel lady and a free-range chicken

solar electricity, a dish towel lady and a free-range chicken
I have talked about our solar run shop, but don't think you have seen the array.  My husband Neil and I both grew up, steeped in the dream of solar energy. So about 7 years ago, after we had bought and paid for all the parts, we installed the system and went live. It is AWESOME turning the power of our sun into usable energy!  There is no magic bullet to alternative energy; it is a series of many small moves, choices and lifestyle changes. You can start small by using the clothesline and air drying your hair. We will all still need some fossil fuels for the foreseeable future, but every little bit helps! And yes that is a free range chicken there, too!

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  • Catherine Schmid Murphy
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  • Catherine Schmid Murphy
    Catherine Schmid Murphy

    Well, how sweet is this! And the feeling is mutual, so glad we met! And it is a delightful surprise to see a comment! I was just talking about your wit and artistic talent. Enjoyed talking with you the other day and look forward to getting your art posted! Have a wonderful evening, and thanks for stoppin’ by.

  • Teresa Blackledge Davis
    Teresa Blackledge Davis

    I’m amazed by the commitment of this couple to God, each other, and being good stewards of God’s gifts. They have generous, loving hearts with a desire to help others with no expectations. I feel honored to call them friends.

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