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Not Your Bible? Put That Pencil Down!

Not Your Bible? Put That Pencil Down!

When study involves more than one Bible, don't use  pencils as  bookmarks! This morning, in Romans, I only narrowly escaped underlining a passage in my husband's Bible and thought it was a good chuckle. How quickly we incorporate The Word into 'mine.' Giddy, like Neil, was a lifelong student of God's word and a blessing to us as she lived. She has now passed on her love and study of God's word in this amazing gift, pictured above. Random shot.

Giddy recently died and left a treasure trove of knowledge and discovery in her Bible which has been entrusted by my sister-in-law Cathy to my husband Neil's care. We have been using it these days and well the thing will just about give you a seizure when you open it up; there is a lot of writing!

It is somehow impossible to study the Bible without taking notes. Can't explain that, you will just have to find out for yourself. And sometimes making connections is like a waking dream; if you don't write it down right then, it will be gone. Like dreams; write them down as soon as you wake up or you will forget them. Except for when you don't.

Anyway, my own Bible was given to me by my friend Wilma Ingalls and it has a purple cover, her favorite color; it is a New King James, an easy read. Neil's Bible is King James, not so easy, and Giddy's (shown) is called Good News Bible. It is probably circa 1970's with line drawings and section titles, a very easy read. Language is an interesting thing; the newer versions are easier to read, but once you have an idea about what a passage means, my favorite is the King James. Like listening to Shakespeare, there is a musical quality to the words that carries its own meaning; it resonates.

Starting in Romans is nice for newbies to study, like me. Paul's letters are as personal now as they must have been then. Some things never change and letters bring a personal quality, especially today. My Bible is already filling with notes, but I will be using something else for bookmarks in the others and keep the pencils for my own!

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  • Catherine Schmid Murphy
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  • Cathy

    I love reading about your reading the Bible. We are listening to the New International Bible (UK), on, narrated by David Suchet. Let’s keep on encouraging one another with Ephesians 5: 14-17. I love you dearly.

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