So Hoo Is It?

So Hoo Is It?

What? Hoo's who?

  • significant local benefactors
Hoo IS  it?
  • someone opening a new local venue
What's it called?
  • we may have a hint: one of the benefactors said, "there's antiques, there's collectables, there's junk and then there's stuff."


  • here, locally

What does this have to do with sewing?

  • I can't say much yet, but I have to say something, so here goes
    Official Announcement 5-25-33
    CS Murphy is grateful and proud to announce that significant local benefactors have invited  Handes Of A Woman, LLC to have a real brick and mortar location at their new local venue!
    • coming soon
    • 9am-3pm
    • Thurs, Fri, Sat
    • details to-be-announced

    Our  significant local benefactors gave Neil and I  a tour of the location yesterday evening and I was so excited I forgot to take my camera. It is beautiful, welcoming and easy to find. It has plenty of parking, is climate controlled and has places to sit down. Stay tuned!


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    • Catherine Schmid Murphy
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