The feeling you get when things all work out.

Sometimes the man felt like giving up. He had had a rough few years with his health and age. And as is common in farming, it had been a lean year, long on adversity and short on hay. Winter was bearing down and the fields were ready to cut so the man, ever faithful,  began the work.  Then, mid-field,  the cutter broke, beyond all repair. Time was running out. He talked to God and his wife. He needed a  cutter, now. He talked about depleting savings or going into debt or just retiring. It was not an easy decision. So the man laid it at Jesus' feet; "Show me what to do, Lord. I will do whatever you say."

Later, when he came into the house for supper, he said to his wife, "Things have worked out better than I could possibly have imagined. I went to talk to my friend to ask his advice. Turns out he is short on hay, too, and will help me get my hay in on halves!"

The man had been prepared to give up farming all together, deplete his  savings  or  taking on debt to get new equipment. The answer was better than the man could have expected and provided immediate  relief. The winter was secured and time allowed for a longer term solution. Working together with his friend provided them both with what they needed, today. When we submit to God's will it is with full confidence that He has our best interests at heart. Gratitude. The feeling you get when things all work out.

CS Murphy 11-11-21

The man is my husband Neil Murphy

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  • Catherine Schmid Murphy
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