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Aqua Crinkle Towels and Painting Tips

Aqua Crinkle Towels and Painting Tips

  • we love re-purposing
  • hand-dyed a pale aqua, these salvaged crinkle cotton curtain panels made up nicely into very soft, absorbent  towels
  • sizes and hem widths vary a bit as the entire piece was used with no waste
  • perfect for a single use stack in the guest bath during cold and flu season; just use once then toss in the hamper
  • plain set is suitable for use as light embroidery blanks
  • painted option, priced separately, has a remaining tab for hanging; heat set acrylic paint
  • 100% cotton, gauze crinkle fabric
  • machine wash and dry with like colors; no bleach
  • about 19" x 21"


Painting Tips

  • paint dry cotton or linen towel with thin acrylic paint
  • saturate enough to go through to the back for best durability
  • let air dry really well; 2-3-days
  • heat set with hot dry iron (ie no steam)
  • put to use
  • launder as usual for fabric type


Towels here: https://5choacypratjul1e-15974255.shopifypreview.com/products/aqua-crinkle-cotton-towel-with-options-only-5-left?_pos=2&_sid=816d12dbb&_ss=r

Painting Tutorial here: https://youtu.be/yP6KEO0ZOVs

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  • Catherine Schmid Murphy
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