Annie O's Dress and Tunic Montage

Annie O's Dress and Tunic Montage
Annie O is a social media meme queen and influencer for America First and POTUS Donald J Trump. You can find her on many platforms under several similar names, always with the Annie Oakley logo attached.  She is tiny, kind and when the situation dictates, FIERCE. She promotes the unheard, unseen American by taking their patriotic words and creating inspiring memes, shared far and wide across the matrix.
   Annie has been kind to us here at handesofawoman and made these beautiful posters for us in ads. Yes, she is a real person who has defended me from online attackers and I have seen her pictures and talked with her on the phone. She loves this country, I can tell you that. Watch for her memes and please do share them.

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  • Catherine Schmid Murphy
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