A Man and His Apron

A Man and His Apron

 Thank you to Tim and Cathy Leslie, kin and clan, for this most excellent gift. Cathy sent this picture. In it, Tim is wearing one of our aprons while working outside. He is a man of God, husband, father, grandfather, scholar, teacher, friend and woodworker. And in many ways a self made man. These two have borne Neil and me through many storms over the years and I am grateful.

   Nothing warms the heart of a maker more than seeing things being used.    My Grandma Cryder had little, yet made quilts and comforters from virtually nothing. We were never cold on winter nights. One time we were cleaning out drawers, going through linens; she taught me that what she made was to be used, not stored in a drawer.  My clan knows this, hence the gift of this picture.

    It is good to be known..... mostly. As an awkward teen, Grandma also gave me deodorant for my Christmas present one year. It was painful. But it did smell nice and I did need it. In later life I think it was what she HAD to give me, like the trick-or-treat stapler and box of laundry detergent the kids got in Grumpy Old Men. Grandpa had forgotten about Halloween. I am laughing now at the recollection. Temple Grandin. Anyway, I digress.

   Family has used and tested just about every concept coming out of this shop and I can report that some made it only as far as the cleaning rag bag. BEING USED, none the less. Chuckle. Niece Brittnie Harlow, this is a favorite memory and story for me, one I am very glad I was here to hear from you. I want for nothing.

The road to success is paved with blessings, kindness, hard work and persistence. God provides them all, some in the form of family, tribe, kin and clan.  One never appreciates the value of kin and clan so much as in times of need. They pull us up, bear us up, lift us up. There is nothing like it and I have the deepest gratitude.

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  • Catherine Schmid Murphy
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