Single Minded Obsessions and Romans 14

Single Minded Obsessions and Romans 14

Single Minded Obsessions and Romans 14

by Neil Murphy October 2, 2020

A recent event brought to mind just how easily we all become overly focused on a subject. Thursday I had an appointment in Dothan with my lung doctor. This was not due to a new problem but to follow up on some new medication Id tried. As Catherine calls them ‘ well baby checks ‘ lol, she is funny with her truth. Anyhow there has been no understanding or communication that wearing a mask was required, also not with my primary or the dentist office or anywhere else so when we got there and they insisted I wear one I asked ” why, what is your reasoning? “. Their answer was NOT acceptable to me. Their answer to me was ” because of the governors mandate ” The answer was not because it protected me or anyone else, no scientific or medical position or logic at all. To me this is unacceptable in a medical environment. I would expect this response in a store or business but not there, and I responded as I saw appropriate, I left.

My point in this all is I am going to do what I think right for me, not others, not even Catherine just me. Also I’m not trying to convince anyone else about this subject. Just the opposite. You should do what you think is necessary and appropriate for your situation and I support this. And just as importantly you have no right or the ability to convince me I am wrong. Saying we wear a mask and look how it is helping etc….etc….etc..does nothing because you cannot prove a negative simply by giving yourself or your behavior credit for something that didn’t happen. That is not how logic and reasoning works. All of this thought brought me to Romans 14.

If you have not studied Romans as a whole I strongly encourage you to. I believe it is a concise, detailed instruction book on how to live. Romans 14 specifically tells us how we are NOT supposed to relate to others and their behavior. It brings to mind one of my jokes about alcohol. I’ve said before, ” you are Baptist but I am not so I can take a drink if I want to ” That is the heart of Romans 14, you believe it is wrong and so it is for YOU, I do not so in my life it is not wrong. But also I should NOT try to convince you that  you are wrong either. See how it works? There are a lot of subjects in scripture that are already very well dealt with like stealing and murder and such  and this is not about that. This about the other things we do or don’t do in our lives not so well detailed. If at this point you don’t get it re-read Romans 14.

submitted by cs murphy 10-3-2020

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