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My Heart Needed Fixing

My Heart Needed Fixing

My Heart Needed Fixing

     by Neil Murphy posted 9-12-2020

A few weeks after the storm event at the farm I kept my appointment at the Cardiologist. I was examined, tested, hooked up to equipment etc…and they came away from it all  that I probably needed a catheterization to look at my heart. They said  possibly I might need a stint which is a sort of wire reverse Chinese puzzle to keep arteries open.  That was scheduled for the next week, and we went home not really worried about it.  I had seen it help a lot of people including my dad and felt like it would all be fine. On the day of the procedure we went in and did all that it takes to do that sort of stuff. I was still not worried until during the cath the cardiologist said….” Oh jeez, I cannot do a stint, it is much worse than I even thought…you need open-heart surgery” and then he showed me what he was looking at on the screen. It didn’t look good but  I thought I would back away, regroup and get it done later but NOOO…he told me I might not make it back if I left, I needed it done now, it was that critical. So we talked and I finally agreed after much resistance, some food and some prayer. They scheduled my open-heart surgery for the next day and after a blurry night the day was upon us. We were far from ready for the events of that day but it came fast and what a day it was.

copyright Neil Murphy 2020


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