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Cindy Bentley

The Boyce Rd Gang

The Boyce Rd Gang 0

by Cindy Bentley September 27, 2020
The Boyce Rd Gang:
When my family moved to Ohio, we eventually moved to Boyce Rd in Centerville.
I hated leaving LaFollette with all my friends and family. My precious Papaw had died and my parents had given away my dog. I didn’t expect to be happy ever again.
As soon as we moved into our new home we met our next door neighbors, the Walkers, who had 3 us. The oldest was the age of my sister Evie and their youngest was the age of my baby sister Jenny. Then they had 1 in the middle.
Not long after we met our neighbors across the street which were girls too. Elisa was close to Evie’s age and Tina was the same age as Jen.
Obviously I was the oldest, but not too old to be included to all the fun and mischief. Our favorite thing to do was sit under a tree in our front yard and play Barbies. Everyone brought their collection and we had quite a spread.
Sometimes we played tag, roller-skated and other games. Or just talked. Gosh we had fun.
We stayed intact until we started leaving our homes.
All these years later we still consider ourselves the Boyce Rd Gang. But to me those girls were sisters that just didn’t go into my house when the porch light flashed.
submitted by cs murphy 9-27-2020
  • Catherine Schmid Murphy
On Driving

On Driving 0

cindy bentley writer

by Cindy Bentley

On Driving

"We may not use algebra every day or any day but we use geometry. At least most of us do. Some of you need to go back to school and learn what an octagon is, especially the ones that are red and sit at the end of a road. Sometimes it even spells out the word for you. You should learn what that means and use it; apply it in your life. And stop means you you when you see that stop sign it means you you stop."


" You people who wait to put your turn signal on until you’re actually in your turn make me wish I had a paintball gun!"


submitted by cs murphy

  • Catherine Schmid Murphy
On Voting, Hear Me Loud And Clear

On Voting, Hear Me Loud And Clear 0

submitted by CS Murphy; re-print of facebook post

By Cindy Bentley

HEAR ME LOUD AND CLEAR....... I am not voting for a personality...

I’m voting for POLICY. I am voting for the future of my children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews.

✝️ I’m voting for the right to praise my God.
🔫 I'm voting for the Second Amendment.
🇺🇸 I’m voting for capitalism and the American Dream.
🚔 I'm voting for the Police, and for law and order.
🇺🇸 I'm voting for the military, and the veterans who fought for and died for this country.
🗣 I'm voting for the right to speak my opinion and not be censored.
🏗 I’m voting for secure borders.
👶🏻 I’m voting for every unborn life.
🇺🇸 I'm voting for the Flag that is always missing from the Democratic Party.
❤️ I’m voting for good and against evil.
✝️ I'm voting for one nation under God.

So please, do not come at me and question my Christianity, morals, and ethics.... for ALL those reasons... I am voting for the future of my country. A country that I LOVE.

Born and Raised in the USA, proud citizens 🇺🇸
Protected by God, Guns, Guts and Glory! 🇺🇸✝️




  • Catherine Schmid Murphy
News and Commentary by Cindy Bentley 8-16-2020

News and Commentary by Cindy Bentley 8-16-2020 0

Op-ed posted by Catherine Schmid Murphy 8-16-2020

Ok, this is a shy reporter right here; so I am just going to promote her. Follow along and you'll see. Someone please save back some bail money. Because we could all use a little normal right now.

News and Commentary by Cindy Bentley (from her facebook)

Before she was America’s favorite cook, she was an agent with the OSS, (CIA).
In the 1940’s she spent her time in service to our country fighting fascism. And she helped cook up a shark repellent to help our military divers.
That’s also how she met her beloved, Paul.

Have you guessed who I am talking about?
It’s Julia Child, who passed away on this day in 2004 at the ripe old age of 91.

Bon appetite!

In 1787, the Ottoman Empire gets a foot up on Russia by declaring war.

1881 the first African American nursing program opens at Spellman College.

“What number please?” The operator assisted phones begin their decline when the coin-operated phone is patented by William Gray in 1889. And in my opinion, starts the decline into the automated abyss.

1898 the US Army captures Manila.

The pioneer of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale dies in 1910 at the age of 90.

The Germans start building the Berlin Wall in 1961. Meant to keep the western fascists out and the east prisoner.

The US Court of Appeals rules in 1993 that all members of Congress must keep all their emails. Hmmm...Hellery must have missed that detail.

Happy birthday
Phoebe Ann Moses, aka Annie Oakley 1860

Alfred Hitchcock 1899 (watch out for those birds in your rear window! They’ll make you psycho!)

Felix Wankle 1902 inventor of the rotary engine

And that’s just a few of the things that happened on a day that was today only farther away.

copyright cindy bentley 2020


  • Catherine Schmid Murphy