Frequently asked questions.

1.Why is there an 'e' in Handes? 

    In old English from centuries past, the reference is to an attribute of a good surgeon: the eyes of an eagle, heart of a lion, handes of a woman. 

2. How can I tell if  a piece of fabric will make a good dish towel?

   My gold standard for the effectiveness of a dish towel is the drying of a water glass. This tip refers to towels that will dry a water glass without leaving streaks of water; a test for absorbency. Just drop a few drops of water onto the fabric. If it sinks right in its a pretty good sign that it will dry your glass. The next test is to try drying a glass. If a wipe or two gives you a spotless shine you should be good to go!

3. What if water beads up on my fabric or doesn't dry a water glass?

     Don't be sad! This attribute works in your favor almost all the time! The textile industry has worked hard over the years to bring us washable fabrics that look great for a long time!

     If the water beads up it might just be sizing. Try washing the fabric and try again. If it still beads up try using the piece for hand towels, napkins, placemats, runners or tablecloths, summer bed covers, towel trim bands or ruffles, quilt pieces!

4. LOCAL PICK-UP: Why are some items local pick-up only?  On some items, the shipping alone would be more than the value of the item and would more than double the price.