Vendor = The Yard Sale
  • The Yard Sale is a local indoor yard sale
  • Donnie and Wilma Howell, proprietors
  • inventory includes antiques, collectables and stuff, new and used, from box lots to fine art
  • located at 8622 Ivy Creek Rd, Brantley, Alabama;
  • open every Friday and Saturday, 10am-6pm;
  • it is off I-65 between Georgianna and Brantley, Alabama, about 2 miles north of 106 on Ivy Creek Rd (77). See map.
  • Yard Sale items are cash/local pick up only, during store hours

  • The Handes Of A Woman Store is located inside The Yard Sale, just down the hall to the right!
  • more about The Yard Sale here

Vendor = The Yard Sale

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Green Glass Bowl


Crystal Bowl


White Fenton Compote

Fenton Compote

Lavender Fenton Vase

Fenton Vase

Amber Fenton Compote

Fenton Compote

Amber Fenton Basket

Fenton Basket

Green Fenton Dish

Fenton Dish

Large Ornate Crystal Vase

Crystal Vase

Purple Fenton Vase

Fenton Vase