U-nik Creation by Rachel

U-nik Creation by Rachel

"Rachel Leclerc is a Canadian citizen who resides in the Province of Quebec, Canada.   Though she no longer performs in public venues, she still expresses herself through her song writings.   Since the lockdown in 2020, Rachel took erasers, paper and crayons and started drawing:  Many of her Christmas cards have reached beyond Canada, USA and France.   As of January 2022, she is currently enrolled in watercolor art lessons.  Eager to learn with Master Watercolor Artist Alan James Art, Rachel will enhance and expand her artistic abilities.  She is gaining in experience and enjoying her new found passion!  Thank you everyone and welcome to my colorful world ~ angels, landscapes, cityscapes, peoples and more!  A bientot…!"

Now available!!  U-nik Creation by Rachel Leclerc Print On Demand Products here

Rachel on wordpress: https://rachelleclerc.wordpress.com/

Rachel@KEEPtheHOPE on Gab  https://gab.com/KEEPtheHOPE

Rachel's Music (Christian) on Gab:  https://tv.gab.com/playlist/take-a-moment-61bde0cb91bd8627272bd4ab

Rachel's Music (Spiritual/Classical/Meditation) on YouTube: Tube link: youtube.com/channel/UCWlemMncHYODvY6f3iZLSaw 

U-nik Creations by Rachel currently in drafting for handesofawoman:




U-nik Creation by Rachel

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