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Dragon in the Hourglass Art Print towel by Shane Beck

Product Description

Art is fun and easy to collect when you get it printed on a useful towel!  Featured here is a towel bearing the artwork of Arkansas artist Shane Beck. It is an untitled work, but for posting purposes I am calling it 'dragon in the hourglass.' This brightly colored work has a little green dragon inside an hourglass; yellow goo runs over everything. Put a little fun-ction into your art collection, today!

  •  55% linen, 45% cotton canvas  custom printed for us by
  • machine wash and dry, like colors, no bleach, press if desired
  • colors will soften with washing
  • pictures include one of the artwork itself on a white background. 
  • see Shane's collection here:                    

What can we make for you?  We are happy to work with you to get some artisan crafted towels and linens into your home or shop. Design something yourself, or let us help you. Some in-stock items can not be duplicated, but we can probably make you something similar!

Have an original drawing you'd like to see on a towel? Need a special color for your kitchen or dining room?  Just want something pretty?  We'll try to get it done! 

How long does it take? Time can vary, depending on the order and availability of materials. Many orders can go out in a few days. Others take longer. I will always be as realistic as possible when giving you information on special orders. If I cannot do something, I'll tell you that, too.

Don't be shy, give us a shout!

Email us at or just click on the 'Contact Us'  page and fill out the form!

And I am always looking for the next artist for my Art-on-the-counter towels!

CS Murphy



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