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  •  Wholesale available for credentialed business customers at 40% off retail; our Wholesale Collection is Made in USA. Holler is you need more than we have listed; items are made on demand to keep our fabric supply liquid.
  • Drop Shipping now available for approved business customers at 15% off retail.
  • We are proud to announce that the Shane Beck Art Print Towel Collection 2019 has just been released and is available for retail and business drop shipping customers; it includes his first 4 handesofawoman towels.  All the single launch towels are gone and were well received. Collection is available as a custom order; allow 8 weeks for delivery. Next collection has been requested and I hope to bring it to you in early 2021!
    • if you are concerned about censorship on some of the major social networks, an optional way to stay in touch is by using email and websites
    • new on-site blog category called Op-ed which contains political commentary; link in the footer; you can visit and comment anytime
    • regular Blog contains product and Christian posts; recent posts appear on the home page; link in the footer; these will be included in email marketing from time to time


    ON SALE NOW and other news

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