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Artist Kelly J

 Artist Kelly J

    "My name is Kelly J and I create my Art as I experience life and tell it's story.
My Art is my ministry, so any profit I make is used to help others in their time of need.
I am Haudenosaunee by heritage and like to add some of that into my art pieces.
I believe life should be lived with Kindness in our heart and a love for all life. I also
love to create art with mankind and animals together.  You can find my art on my website @
Thank you so Kindly for your purchase of my Art
Artist Kelly J"



  •  Artist Kelly J was our featured artist for May 2019 and here are just a few items from her extensive collection of art
  • she came to our attention through her ColoringBook page on facebook; there are many charming line drawings there for you to print and color
  • we were able to find her and get permission to bring you some of her work as part of our art-on-the-counter project
  • available selections below
Artist Kelly J is an artist, philanthropist, and story teller with a testimony:

  "My passion in life is anything that is on the good road. My theme for my art is Gentle Kindness wrapped in Love. I sketch what captures my heart and then tell it's story. My Artist Kelly J Blog is where I share all of my work and links. I have been creating since 2005 and have done many works, and am slowly adding them to my blog and pages."  Artist Kelly J

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Artist Kelly J

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Fancy Dancer Art Print Tea Towel by Artist Kelly J

Fancy Dancer Art Print Tea Towel by Artist Kelly J


  Presented for sale here is a Fancy Dancer tea towel made from linen cotton canvas fabric custom printed with Artist Kelly J's painting. You can almost feel the movement of the dance.... From Artist Kelly J herself: "This art shows a Fancy shawl dancer resembling a butterfly. The shawl gives the dance its name and is a fringed, colorful, beaded...

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