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This too shall pass

This too shall pass

Let's not burn down our republic with a response to pestilence.  Pestilence comes and goes. Always has, always will. Numbers go up before they come down. Some die; but MOST SURVIVE.  When rushing to an emergency, take your own pulse; in other words, calm down and use your brain so you can help others.

Here is a link found when searching: flu. bell. farr. coronavirus.

  • flu is a contagious virus
  • bell is the shape of a curve or graph that conveys data visually
  • Farr is a scienc-ey guy that figured out about different epidemics coming and going in similar fashion; numbers always go up before they come down. And on parts of the curve they move pretty fast.
  • coronavirus is a contagious virus

Before I take you to the article below, let me ask: if you are or know a math person, will you please refresh us on the calculus concept of the area under a curve, before and after flattening it by asking people to stay home. This can be responded to in the comment section below.


Here is a very readable article that may help calm things a bit. There are links to the science stuff.



Pray constantly. We are not alone, He sent us the Holy Spirit and together we will get through whatever this world can throw at us.


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  • Catherine Schmid Murphy
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