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There is Nothing Selfish About Feeding Your Family or Standing Up for Your Rights

There is Nothing Selfish About Feeding Your Family or Standing Up for Your Rights

Op-ed by Catherine Schmid Murphy

     Shelley Luther, Texas salon owner, opened her salon back up against the current shut down order in her state. How dare an unessential deplorable step away from the collective using an individual, mind! The courts told her to shut down and she stayed open. Outrageous! Then she got popped for contempt. Perfect! Dallas Judge Eric Moye told her she was selfish and asked for an apology. She stood her ground and told him there was nothing selfish about feeding her children. She now joins what I hope will be thousands of cases in the courts to fight for our Constitutional rights and to fight back against the tyranny we are seeing across the country.

There is a time and place for civil disobedience and contempt of court: current events certainly rise to the occasion. We have God given rights, natural rights, that none can give us and none can take away......and the concept of nullification is VERY REAL. We can nullify an order to close a business by simply opening up in civil protest, but the real power is getting a case in front of a jury.

    Everything we are seeing in our country right now is legal by law, code or regulation. Now for the first time everything is out in the open and has clearly caused HARM.


                    "the people are, ultimately, the ones in charge"


    Suffering harm is what gives the standing required to get things into court and before a jury. Juries have tremendous discretion in reaching their decisions. My husband, Neil Murphy and I know about nullification first hand. We paid a big price for standing up for our rights a few years ago, but won our case. That was the day I learned that laws are guidelines, freedom isn't free, and that jury nullification is real. We the people are, ultimately, the ones in charge.

The ultimate outcome of recent events in our country remain to be seen. But I am absolutely certain that freedom, once taken, will not be returned to us on a silver platter; we will have to take it back. Shelley Luther, and others like her are just the beginning. The courts are going to be busy.

Here is the link to The Hill article: https://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/496282-texas-salon-owner-sentenced-to-7-days-in-jail-for-remaining-open-during

Here is link to go-fund-me for her defense: https://www.gofundme.com/f/shelley-luther-fund

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  • Catherine Schmid Murphy
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