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There is a Problem With Virus Testing in Alabama

There is a Problem With Virus Testing in Alabama

Op-ed by Catherine Schmid Murphy 7-25-20

One. More. Time. We are under medical tyranny in Alabama for a virus with a 99.8% survival rate. Something is wrong and you know it.

Recently, 3 people that Neil and I know tested positive for the virus and then negative just days later. These people were not tested because they were sick, they were tested as part of a protocol: one had a positive family member, one a positive co-worker, one was screened for a planned hospital stay. Again, none of the 3 were sick. And there is no mention that I can find for how/if these cases are removed from the case count or contact tracing/testing algorithm. Can you see where this is going?





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  • Catherine Schmid Murphy
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  • Cathy Leslie
    Cathy Leslie

    Keep giving facts and logic. You honor your profession, family and God when you tell truth. We are seeing just a little of what Jesus got when he told the truth. There’s a problem with virus testing everywhere.

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