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The President's Address On Election Fraud 2020 - (Updated)

The President's Address On Election Fraud 2020 - (Updated)

posted by cs murphy 12-23-2020

(Update 12-24-2020: This morning there is no news that the procedural process was undertaken yesterday; it should be noted, however, that the states in question are well aware of the fraud and that their certified electoral votes may be excluded at some point, say Jan 6, 2021. Whether the states choose to use the constitutional authority to certify their alternate slates remains to be seen. )

If reports are accurate, today we see if the constitution will be followed or not. States in question have raised the issue of fraud and as yet have not made remedy. Today  we will see if they are directed to make remedy. We the people are the government; it is on us to make the corrections needed.

excerpt: "President Trump broke down the Democrat voter fraud in all key swing states including Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Arizona." links below

 If the link doesn't navigate to the video address, here is the link to TGP article



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  • Catherine Schmid Murphy
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