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"The Nation Has Gone Mad" by Tristan Justice


Op-ed posted by Catherine Schmid Murphy


The other day I went to the grocery store and at the checkout found myself looking at my young cashier through a plexiglass panel; I broke down in tears realizing that we had been unable to stop the effect of lies and propaganda on this young woman's life. My husband Neil Murphy always says that our republic is fashioned like a very large ship (he was navy) that turns and maneuvers intentionally slowly; it is based on Judeo-Christian principles, law and process, intentionally slow to change or be steered from its course. As I sit now, trying to compose myself after reading this article by Tristan Justice, originally found posted on GellerReport  by Ms. Pamela, my eye falls on the following comment by 'DemocracyRules' and am filled with gratitude.

"Riots always die out on their own. Mobs are emotional, and emotions pass. But the truth and conservative values do not pass." DemocracyRules

Now is not the time to remain silent; it is a time to keep speaking. The young author of this piece sees and reports. We need more of this, not less.   Read what the young man has to say....                                   
                                                    CS Murphy
"The Nation Has Gone Mad" by Tristan Justice

In case you had any doubt, yes, the nation has gone mad.

Last week, the death of a Minnesota black man named George Floyd ignited the worst outbreak of civil disobedience in recent history plunging a nation already under lockdown stress further into anarchy as angry rioters take to the streets terrorizing American cities in the name of social justice.

Floyd’s death at the knees of a Minneapolis police officer caught on tape was clearly unjust, rightfully setting off a wave of anger over the killing of a black civilian who appeared to be no threat. As the protests got underway however, demonstrations quickly took a darker turn in a nation grappling with record levels of unemployment and an ongoing public health pandemic. With more than 40 million unemployed Americans roaming the streets of a country fatigued under 10-week lockdowns, a nation that has been increasingly convinced by a Left-wing movement that it is irredeemably racist and full of white supremacists was primed for the storm of civil unrest it is now suffering.

The current moment has fully exposed the extent to which ugly divides have gone mainstream, illustrating the lunacy of our new woke-obsessed culture and the incompetency of our leaders.

“This is how nations collapse,” Fox News’ Tucker Carlson observed Monday night in a 32-minute monologue that will go down as a defining moment in prime time cable television.

Read more at either link below:

Found first here: https://gellerreport.com/2020/06/nation-gone-mad.html/

Original post here: https://thefederalist.com/2020/06/03/the-nation-has-gone-mad/

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