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"The Lockdown Needs to End. Now."


"Our politicians serve by our consent; we don’t run our businesses or live our lives by their consent. The suggestion to the contrary is an ­affront to Americanism."

                                                                                  Davis Marcus

It is good to have edges. Mr. Marcus says a mouthful in this piece from the New York Post, worth a read and share. The people ARE where the buck stops and we ARE the white-hats; no one else is going to save us. We just have to remember who we ARE. The Constitution allows more freedom than anywhere else on the planet. We are a constitutional, representative republic. It is messy and hard to keep, but well worth the effort.

Read his article here at

or here for the original post at New York Post:

Op-ed re-post from and Catherine Schmid Murphy


                  Put God first, His will be done; He IS and He loves you.


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  • Catherine Schmid Murphy
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