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Stop Killing And Trafficking Human Beings

Stop Killing And Trafficking Human Beings

We have nothing if we loose our souls. Ain't no putting lipstick on this pig: abortion,  human trafficking, pedophilia and the NORMALIZATION THEREOF are crimes against humanity and TO BE STOPPED.

Repent, pray, put on the full armor of the most high God, correct the election process and clean out the GOP. And I don't care what anyone says, we the people in this country ARE the government and we are going to start acting like it. We elect people to represent us in office and we are in charge of those representatives. Don't just believe it; KNOW IT. Our county commission tried to take our voting precinct away and folded when we filled the courthouse at the commission meeting; last week a school board folded when parents showed up. They really do work for us; remember who you are.

Holy Ghost,

      ooo--- --- ---ooo  ooo--- --- ---ooo ooo--- --- ---ooo

                                                                                 Catherine Schmid Murphy


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  • Catherine Schmid Murphy
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