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Start Asking Questions

Start Asking Questions

 Op-ed by Catherine Schmid Murphy 8-7-2020  

Edicts to stay home, shut our business, wear a mask. Are people not free to stay home or close down their business if they choose? Are they not free to wear a mask? When a plague is in the land, people know it; they do not require news broadcasts, edicts and mandates. It is readily apparent.

    Now, does ANY of this sound at all familiar, the little paragraph on racial hygiene? Apply the concept to our current pandemic and the response to it. We are on the wrong road, America. And you know it. God was taken out of schools. And like Tolkien noted, much of what should have been remembered was lost. Less than 100 years has gone by since the atrocities of last century and here we are again.  We are as studied as lab rats; responding to stimuli right on cue and at each other's throats. Hate works. It blinds us to everything else.

Bring Jesus back.  He knew all this was coming and told us everything. Let Him into your heart and you will be changed. Then tell another one.

Governance during the pandemic is being done under emergency powers using edicts, edicts based on recommendations that track back to the WHO/UN via the un-elected public health system. This governance bypasses the customary constitutional process of law making with its slowness, checks and balances. And our healthcare is being managed centrally by this same avenue, when it should be personal, between you and your doctor.  Start asking questions of your local politicians and doctors; get governance back into the people's hands under the constitution and medical care back into the hands of your local doctors and nurses.

One soul at a time through Jesus the Son. He knew He was going to suffer and die and came to save us anyway. How amazing is that.

I found the paragraph on hygiene here.





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  • Catherine Schmid Murphy
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