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Response to COVID still a FRAUD and based on Marxist ideology

Response to COVID still a FRAUD and based on Marxist ideology

Op-ed by Catherine Schmid Murphy 6--30-2020

(Updated 7-9-2020 to correct year of DNC denouncement of God to 2012 from 2008; see references with links and video below article.;  Video is embedded at end of this report as reference)

As of today, Alabama and Crenshaw County, Alabama have tested about 8% of their entire respective populations and found that about 9-10% of tests are positive. Calculations based on the entire populations show that:

  • the fatality rate of COVID-19 in the state of Alabama is 0.2%
  • the fatality rate in Crenshaw County, Alabama is 0.2%



Planet earth has been shut down due to a virus with a 99.8% survival rate.


The response to this year's virus has been remarkably consistent WORLDWIDE. Interesting. Lockdowns in one way or another: worldwide. Social distancing: worldwide. Masks: worldwide. Here's why: recommendations being followed have come from the World Health Organization (WHO): worldwide. The WHO is an agency of the United Nations (UN). The Center for Disease Control (CDC) is managing the response in the USA centrally and is getting its recommendations from the WHO. The US president made recommendations based on WHO and CDC guidelines; governors made emergency orders followed by state and local public health departments implementing the orders.  Still think the UN is impotent? Over the past 90 days they have with a word shut down the economy of the planet and locked you out of your own life. No blue helmets. No tanks. No bullets.

If you are totally fine with the UN managing your life, your ability to go to church, meet with friends, work for a living, bowl, go to a football game, visit with family while they die, have a funeral, get married, etc  for the greater good, then you are thinking like a Marxist, a communist. Power has been consolidated at the top with the rights of the individual becoming non-existent. Your allegiance is now to the party, the collective; not to God, not to country, not to family, not to friends, not to yourself.  God was officially and publicly taken out of the discussion at the Democrat National Convention in 2012  when God was denounced 3 times and taken out of the official platform. And now here we are.

The reason there is no substantive remedy in sight today from our duly elected officials is because they are thinking like Marxists, too.....from the top federal government right right down to our local states, counties and towns. Our Constitution, our system of law, our trust in  elected officials, our love and care for our fellow man has been used against us. Even many church leaders have taken a position on the side of the godless Marxists, marching lock step with the WHO. The response in the USA, to the virus, over the past 3 months has demonstrated in a clear and straight forward fashion how governance has side stepped our constitutional system of laws by using non-governmental organizations, regulations and un-elected  agencies and boards. If you are ok with this type of governance you may henceforth consider yourself a communist; no further action is required on your part; you can just sit back and carry out instructions as they arrive from the ever expanding central government.

However, if you still believe in 'life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,' as I do,  the path ahead is less clear. The only things I know for sure is that Jesus is our only hope. Cast your eyes upon Him, praise Him with every breathe and seek His counsel.  Stay on task, whatever your assignment. Some of us keep house, some of us are prayer warriors and some of us are wolves. Gather souls at every opportunity. Speak truth. And stand. We might be surrounded, but we are surrounded by Him. And God has us, whatever the outcome.


     Changes to DNC platform caused controversy in 2012: they had taken God out and Jerusalem as capital of Israel out. Then then they moved to put these back in : listen to the No vote and watch the stunned announcers face as what he hears does not line up with what the teleprompter says and he doesn't know what to do. It was stunning and earth shattering to see and hear in real time; it was like hearing the chilling words 'new normal' spew from Cuomo recently.







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  • Catherine Schmid Murphy
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